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A Log Extraction Utility for owners of the Belkin 4-Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router (Model F5230).
Example Program Run

Example Security Log
This requires at least Java Runtime Environment 1.3.0 or later.

It will run on any platfom that Java is supports. This will log into your Belkin Router and downloads your security log. It automatically converts your log into a simple comma-delimited text format (which can be read by Zone Alarm and other firewall software).

You can then submit your log to DShield for analysis. This is an excellent way to keep track and back up your security logs.

Note: This is NOT an advertisement. DShield is a security group  that is protecting you against Internet attacks and  break-ins.
You can find the source, documentation, and binary class files for the software here.
To run the software, just download the .jar file that is in the bin directory on the URL immediately above.
Then, type java -jar belkin-1.0.jar belkin.Main .

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